Insta360 ONE X Startrc Hat Mount Review

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STARTRC OSMO Pocket 2 Holder Hat Camera Holder Base Adapter expansion accessories For DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo Accessories

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Note:The osmo pocket not included


  1. The back of the cap comes with magic tape, and allows to adjust the size of the cap.
  2. The cap features light, soft, adn breathable.
  3. The mount on the cap was glued by 3M adhesive. The viscidity function will be not so good when the weather is too hot. If the mount falls off, please buy 3M adhesive to glue it.
  4. With the adapter, it can also fit Insta 360 ONE/ ONE X/ EVO camera.
  5. Get appropriate angle for Osmo Pocket shooting. The design of the kit allows to adjust the shooting angle forward or backward.
  6. Multi-purpose accessory mount comes with Gopro mount. Compatible with many accessories, and expand the use range for Osmo Pocket.

Packing list:

  1 *  Expansion  Holder

   1 * Hat 



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