Mavic Mini 2 Signal Booster

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STARTRC Mavic Mini Signal Booster Range Amplifier Signal Booster Antenna Kit For DJI Mini 2 Signal Extender 5.8Ghz

Brand Name : STARTRC
Compatible Drone Brand : DJI
Origin : CN(Origin)
Model Number : DJI MINI 2
Compatible Drone Model : DJI MINI 2
1 : Mavic Mini 2 Antenna Range
2 : Mavic Mini 2 Range Amplifier
3 : Mavic Mini 2 Antenna
4 : Mavic Mini 2 Signal Booster
5 : Mavic Mini 2 Accessories
6 : Mini 2 Signal Range Extender
7 : DJI Mini 2
8 : Antenna Kit For DJI Mini 2
9 : 5.8Ghz Signal Booster

1.Enhanced version 5.8GHz Yagi-Uda antenna for DJI MINI 2.

2.Combination application of two devices makes the signal stronger.

3.Yagi-uda antenna size for drone landing gear.

4.Yagi-uda antenna size for remote controller.

5.NG Stronger signal provides more wonderful flight.

6.According to testings, the remote-controlling distance can increase 1500 meters ( the data was obtained under the condition of no interference in the field. The test results are for reference only).

7.The antenna can focus radio-frequency signal together, and make signal more centralized. The remote-controlling distance will be farther correspondingly.

8.Yagi-Uda antenna principle.

9.The signal is obviously enhanced when remote controller is attached to the Yagi-UDA antenna, and the remote controller signal has better directivity.

10.The antenna also has some anti-interference ability. stronger and more stable signal help reduce the crash chance or other risks.image is stable,clearer real-time image transmission.

11.Installation does not affect flight and landing.

12.Yagi-uda antenna features unidirectional directivity. The antenna on the transmitter should point to the drone to avoid blocking the transmitter and flying in the serious interference area. The flying effect is better when the tail of the drone points to the transmitter.

13.When the remote controlled flight altitude is up to 3000 meters, the signal is still stronger.The stronger the signal, the farther the signal transmits, the farther the remote controlled distance.

14.Small size and easy to carry.

15.The lightweight design will not bring heavy load to the drone.

16.*When installing the Yagi-uda antenna on the landing gear, please keep it level with the drone.

17.Using ABS+ pure aluminum, anodized, enhanced texture, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

18.Easy to use, no tedious steps required.

19.Easy to install and disassemble, no need to change the control, non-destructive installation design, do not worry about damaging the remote control.

20.As the picture shown, take out the antenna and silicone mount, align the protruding part of the silicone mount to the vacant part of the antenna groove.

21.First, clip one side of the silicone mount into the reserved hole of the antenna, and then press the other side upward to fix it.

22.Take out the drone and clip the Yagi-Uda antenna to the landing gear of the drone.

23.Fix the Yagi-Uda antenna on the transmitter according to buckling the antenna of the transmitter.

1 * 5.8Ghz Signal Booster Kit


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