DJI Remote Controller Antenna Signal Range Booster Signal Extender

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DJI Remote Controller Antenna Signal Range Booster Signal Extender for DJI Phantom 4 3 Inspire1 Remote Controller

Brand Name : STARTRC
Model Number : Dji phantom 3 / 4 pro
Weight : 20g
Package : Yes
Compatible Drone Brand : DJI
Use : Vehicles & Remote Control Toys
Name : DJI Insprie 1 Signal Booster
Color : White
For : Dji Inspire 1
For-2 : FPV Drone
For-3 : RC Quadcopter
Specification : Brand New
Name:DJI Insprie 1 Signal Booster

The latest improved version of the remote control signal booster, farewell accident

Make up their own lack of remote antenna

Improve the stability of a remote control signal

Parabolic antenna expanding knowledge:

  • Parabolic antenna is most frequently used to install the type of radar antenna project.
  • Parabolic antenna consists of a parabolic reflector and a circular reflector located in the focal point of the light source.
  • Parabolic reflector is made of metal, usually a metal frame covered with wire mesh on the inside.
  • The metal mesh width of the slot must be less than λ / 10. The metal coating is formed to act as a mirror reflector of radar energy.
  • The optical analytic geometry and for all the reflected light of the reflector of this type will be parallel to a parabolic law which gives us a single ideal no reflected light is parallel to the main axis of the side lobes axis.
  • The field leaving the feed horn spherical wave front. As each part of the wavefront reaches the reflecting surface, it is shifted by 180 degrees, the phase angle and in all sections of the field in the parallel paths of travel will be sent out.
  • This is an idealized radar antenna and produces a pencil beam. If the reflector has an elliptical shape, then it will produce a fan beam.
  • Surveillance radar used within the horizontal and vertical planes of the two different curvatures, in order to achieve the required pencil beam in azimuth 

1  *DJI Inspire 1 Phantom 4 3 Signal Booster Board (Not Inclued DJI Drone)


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