Compatible Durable Micro / Type-c / Lightning USB to Mciro USB Cable

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STARTRC Compatible Durable Micro / Type-c / Lightning USB to Mciro USB Cable For DJI Mavic 2 Pro/Air/Mavic Pro/ Spark Controller

  • 1.Type-c Cable to Micro USB Data Cable for DJI Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom / Mavic Air / Mavic pro Platinum / Spark series drone.
    2. Unique 90 Degree Plug Provides a slim fit in narrow spaces,best tool for connecting your drones with the devices.
    3. Length: 30 cm (11.8 inch) and 10cm(3.94 inch).
  • 4. We only sale the USB cable,don't include the remote control.
  • This data line will achieve Micro USB to IOS directly connect.No need any conversion,very convenient to use.
  • The cable length is 30cm and 10cm. Perfect length for the controller of Mavic series Spark to iPhone series and iPad series.
  • Please make sure to choose correct connector for Android device,If you don't know please check our photos to choose.
  • Plesae Note: This cable is just for RC drone to cellphone/tablet, NOT for cellphone/tablet to cellphone/tablet.
Compatible Drone Brand : DJI
Model Number : DJI
Weight : 0.1
Package : Yes
Size : 5*5*5
Compatible Drone Model : DJI Drone
Brand Name : STARTRC
  •   1 * 30CM Data Cable    
  •   1 * 10CM Data Cable61CLPsb0VjL._SL1200_Micro-USB-Fit-IOS-Type-c-OTG-Data-Cable-Line-10cm-30cm-For-D3JI-Mavic-2HTB1Z4FQX5LxK1Rjy0Ffq6zYdVXaUMicro-USB-Fit-IOS-Type-c-OTG-Data-Cable-Line-10cm-30cm-For-DJ8I-Mavic-2.jpg_640x640Micro-USB-Fit-IOS-Type-c-OTG-Data-Cable-Line-10cm-360cm-For-DJI-Mavic-2.jpg_640x640Micro-USB-Fit-IOS-Type-c-OTG-Data-Cable-Line-10cm-30cm-7For-DJI-Mavic-2.jpg_640x640Micro-USB-Fit-IOS-Type-c-OTG-Data-Cable-Line-10cm-30cm-For-DJI-Mavic-2Micro-USB-Fit-IOS-Type-c-OTG-Data-Cable-Line-10cm-30cm-For-DJ4I-Mavic-2Micro-USB-Fit-IOS-Type-c-OTG-Data-Cable-Line-10cm-30cm-For-DJI-4Mavic-2.jpg_640x640Micro-USB-Fit-IOS-Type-c-OTG-Data-Cable-Line-10cm-30cm-For5-DJI-Mavic-2.jpg_640x640Micro-USB-Fit-IOS-Type-c-OTG-Data-Cable-Line-10cm-30cm-For-DJI-Mavic-2.2jpg_640x640Micro-USB-Fit-IOS-Type-c-OTG-Data-Cable-Line-10cm-30cm-6For-DJI-Mavic-2

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