STARTRC DJI FPV Lens Cleaning Kit

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STARTRC DJI FPV Lens Cleaning Kit


  • The cleaning pen is made of ABS+ aluminum alloy material. The product design is beautiful and generous. It is distinguished from the traditional cleaning pen. It adopts a double-headed method with a brush at one end and bamboo charcoal cleaning at the other end, which can effectively remove fingerprints, dust, etc.
  •  Equipped with various cleaning tools, special funds are dedicated, can clean any part of the fuselage
  • Shipped with a storage bag, which is convenient for storage and carrying. The storage bag is made of PU material, which is waterproof and easy to clean


1. Alcohol dry and wet pack *3
2. Sensor cleaning stick*1
3. Dual-purpose cleaning pen*1
5. Cleaning cloth*1
6. Blow the balloon*1
7. Round tip cotton swab*3
8. Storage bag*1

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