STARTRC DJI FPV LiPo battery heating bag explosion-proof bag portable

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STARTRC DJI FPV LiPo Battery Heating Bag Explosion Resistant Bags Portable Drone Battery USB Heating Insulation Storage Bag

  • Don't want to damage the battery when flying in winter? Choose startrc battery heating bag Let your drone fly safely in the cold winter
  • It is used for battery heating and keeping warm. When fly the drone in the winter,Because the temperature is lower in winter,The activity of lithium ion in lithium battery is reduced,as a result, the power efficiency of the battery is reduced and the output power is reduced, which can not meet the requirements of drone' s rated voltage. When the power supply of drone is insufficient, it will lead to the situation of insufficient kinetic energy. At the same time, when the temperature is too low and the voltage is very low, it is very easy to cause the drone crash. Startrrc drone battery heating bag could help to solve the serious problems, it could keep the battery at the normal temperature, reduce the internal resistance of the battery, and restore the normal discharge performance.
  • Large capacity and wide application range It could be heated and insulated for all kinds of model aircraft batteries. Large capacity, strong storage
  • Foldable,easy to carry After folding, it is compact and does not take up space, so it is more convenient to carry out
  • It is easy to use and safe Connect the mobile power supply or 5v2A power supply to work normally High temperature is automatic power off, low temperature is automatic heating, high security
  • High quality material The wire adopts low temperature TPE cold-proof wire, which is cold resistant, wear-resistant and durable
  • The discharge performance of the battery could be effectively recovered at low temperature
[How to use battery in winter?]
  • Before flying, pls charge full the battery to confirm the battery is in a high voltage situation
  • Preheat the battery to more than 25℃to reduce the internal resistance of the battery.The battery can be preheated by putting it into the startrc battery heating bag.
  • After taking off, keep the drone hovering for about 1 minute to let the battery use the internal heat to reduce the internal resistance.
  • When flying at low temperature, try to control the flying time at half of normal temperature to ensure safe flight.
  • Please don't use under 16years old,All electronic products should pay attention to prevent electric shock when using
  • Do not heat other things,avoid moisture, and use in a ventilated and dry place.
  • Do not disassemble or modify the product without authorization. Our company will not be responsible for any problems caused by dismantling or modifying the product without permission.
  • The final interpretation right of this product belongs to our company.

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