Mavic Mini 2 LED Display Screen Kit

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STARTRC DJI MAVIC MINI / MAVIC MINI 2 Bluetooth Editable Text Pattern LED Confession DIsplay Screen Kit


Model:ST-1 1 06852

Box size: 130x60x90mm

Net weight: 30g

Material: PL A+ABS

Color: Black

Led quantity: 11*44pcs

Charging time: 2 3hours

Battery life: 12-24 hours

Battery capacity: 250maH

Bluetooth range: Within 15 meters

Input mode: Mobile phone or computer

Language:English/ Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Russian/Hindi/European languages

Display mode: Scrolling up and down/ moving from left to right fixed displaying/
Flashing and another several display modes

1.Fine workmanship and good quality. ABS shell, nice appearance and durable.

2.Stable functions, safe and reliable. Good quality LED lamp wick.

3.Easy operating and modifying letters simply only in 10 seconds.

4.Designed for mavic mini specially. Fits the body perfectly.

5.Bright but soft. High brightness, no death LED, equally distributed LED.

6.Many different display effects. Pre-set several images for option, stable and clear letters.

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