STARTRC Foldable Color LED Flash Lamp Low Noise Propellers for DJI Mavic Air 2

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STARTRC  Foldable Color LED Flash Lamp 7238 Low Noise Propellers for DJI Mavic Air 2

Brand Name : STARTRC
Compatible Drone Brand : DJI
Origin : CN(Origin)
Size : 18.3*20.9
Weight : 150G
Model Number : DJI MAVIC AIR 2
Compatible Drone Model : DJI MAVIC AIR 2
Package : Yes
4 : Mavic Air 2 Propeller
5 : mavic air 2 accessories
6 : dji mavic air 2 accessories
7 : accessories for dji mavic air 2
8 : accessories for mavic air 2
9 : propeller for dji mavic air 2
10 : propeller for mavic air 2

Product parameter

Product:flash propellers for mavic air 2
LED quantity:6 pcs
Battery:chargeable button battery
Charing time:appr.30mins
Input voltage:≤3.6V
Battery working time:appr.40mins
LED color:white/green/blue/yellow/red
Storage temperature :-20℃—50℃
Working temperature:-10℃—40℃
Cycle life:≤200 times
Propeller size:183x20.9mm

【1】Design it for Mavic air 2 specially LED flash propeller is a new innovative product.The main material of the propeller is the same as the Mavic original ones. It is comparable with the original propeller of the drone on quality, weight and hardness, and features durable and nice looking.

【2】LED Flash Propeller It will be a conspicuous mark for night flying when the drone is attached the propellers.At the same time, the rotating propeller will generate 5 different color bright circles. It will bring pilot more flying fun and different flying experience.

【3】new aerodynamic design LED flashing, hot wheel night flying performance, new aerodynamic design and low-noise quick-release features, and longer flying time.

【4】long-exposure photographs long-exposure photographs is when we are using a much longer shutter speed to achieve a certain effect. long-exposure photographs is often used in a night -time setting,where the lack of light forces longer exposures. you can make creative shapes with your blur effect,especially in the form of wispy skies. when the drone attached startrc LED propellers is flying in the sky,the LED lights can be used to create long-exposure photographs and achieve all kinds of effects.

【5】start a creative light painting journey Graffiti in the night sky gives you unexpected effects.

【6】Charge the battery via a 3.6V USB Simple plug and play propeller. The charging time is about 30minutes.

【7】CW/CCW LED propeller After connecting power, the indicator light will be on, which means that the battery is charging.

【8】use it multiple times Turn the switch to “ON”, the indicator light will be on which means that the battery is charging.If you are not going to use the propeller(s), please turn the switch to “OFF”,otherwise, it will affect the battery life and cycle use times.

【9】Anytime and anywhere to charge it The LED propeller is rechargeable.The operation is to insert the USB cable to the charging port on the propeller,and the end to computer or mobile.

【10】Foldable and occupy less space It is more convenient to carry and store.

【11】“R”mark and “L” mark There is a mark on the bottom of the colorful propeller, “R” or “L” which indicates the rotating direction.

【12】non-destructive installation design There is a mark on the attached motor mounting base, “R” or “L”. simple and quick installation and removal,no need to worry about damaging the fuselage.

【1】There is a mark on the attached motor mounting base, “R” or “L”. Before using flash propellers, please remove the original motor bases, and install the attached base with R to the base mount for CW propeller, and install the attached base with L to the based mount for CCW propeller.

【2】Attach the propeller with “R” mark to motor mounting base with “R” mark.

【3】and propeller with ”L”mark to motor mounting base with a ”L” mark.

【4】Finish to install The attached motor mounting base is compatible with the original propeller. Please pay attention to installation of CW or CCE propeller,

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