STARTRC Portable backpack for Ronin SC

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  • Double zippers head for easy and quick open or locking
  • Waterproof material keep your ronin sc from water in some way
  • Tripod Storage,including Magic type to fix the tripod, more safe and convenient.
  • The inside mesh bags allow to store some small accessories, such as SD card, cable adapters.
  • Made of High quality water repellent fabric, the color and luster is soft , stand wear and tear, strong performance of air permeability
  • large capacity design  In addition to put Ronin SC, the bag can also put common items, such as : Tablets, Tripod, Water bottles, mobile phone ,wallets,etc.
  • material of water-resistant fabric High quality, High density, Rainwater impermeable, easy to dry.
  • Comparison with material object  Compare to Ipad , easy to storage.
  • Internal compartment, Feel free to match  Humanity design, many interlayers, Free combination according to demand , for effective protect equipments
  • close design plugin system Special Tripod storage designing, more convenient to carrying

  • Double zippers head for easy and quick open or locking.
  • The internal structure of the backpack is reasonable, easy  to put Ronin SC in it. In addition, it enclose mesh bag for storage other sundries.
  • The backpack contains a zipper bag , you can put Laptop, Tablet or other valuables in it, Liner is made of sponge,it will provide effectively protected.
  • Designing of 3D Three-dimensional honeycomb, Promote free air circulation, keep dry and crisp , reduce back pressure.
  • Use high quality water repellent Nylon fabric that stand wear and tear, to provide comprehensive care
  • Elastic mesh bag in Outer side of backpack, it can put water cup, umbrella and other belongings

Material:Waterproof Nylon
Net Weight:700g

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